Do you settle for 2nd Best? A look into the new R15

I have always fancied on getting the amazing 1000 cc Yamaha R1. The masculinity & fitness of the bike always enthralled me. Even though there are more powerful superbikes in the world, im kinda stuck on this one, so have always told myself that i will get myself one of them one day.

Yamaha, in 2008 is launching a new product in India that is going to shake up the entire 2 wheeling experience (atleast mine) by launching its new YZF R15. The new R15 is going to take on the same design held on the R1. The only difference is that the new R15 is going to have a heart of only 150 cc while big brother R1 has a 1000 cc.

Yamaha will christen this bike as YZF R15 and will score first -in-class/ first-in-indian bikes credits such as full fairing, front and rear disc, monoshock suspension system at the rear and twin lights. But the real attraction of the Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will be its four stroke, oil cooled,4-valve, liquid cooled and Fuel injected (FI) engine. The R15’s 150cc engine would develop maximum power in the range of 20-22bhp (if true, will make it more powerful than Karizma and Pulsar 220cc DTS-FI). Above all, Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will zoom past 60km/hr in just 3 second and 100km/hr in 9 seconds. Top speed of R15 will be around 145km/hr and it will consume a litre of petrol to go for 35-40km.

Now, the most important question. Do you settle for second best?

(I dont think it will come out as good when Indian designers touch it up)


Awzzman said...

hey apatea i`d encourage you to get YAMAHA RX 100 hahahah rather than super bikes..hihi.!!

apatea said...

@Awzzie, u knw what, i think it'll suit me too lol

illusionaire said...

I am not the superbike kinda guy. I am more into Harley types. Even a thunderbird will suffice. The rest of them are all crap :-)

coolsoul09 said...

i hawipir lutuk ang..Domulguda uih deuhah khan tawm mai mai la..hahha. Domulguda kha..kan awmna lai kha uih vak chang a nei thin a, hei tunah chuan kan thaw siai siai tawh mai..lolz..samu..nuam deuh a ni Hyd pawn lam hi..ka nau kha lo duat ru aw

apatea said...

@illusionaire, i would say u would look better in a sportsbike than a thunder. Anyway thats just my opinion. :-)

@coolsoul09, domal ah pawh i omna lai chiah kha sin uih thin lol. The best thing is to enjoy wherever u are.
Tha tak khan lo awm dawn nia, lo awm dawngdah lo la hahah

azassk said...

i u inspiration a ang tlat!!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

a nlah hle mai bike chu..AZL ah han khalh lang chuan awwww...sass in an bawr luai luai ang che