What do you want to be?

What do you want to BE when you grow up?

Is it power that you want? Being a powerful statesman, a cunning politician, a high ranking official can give one enough power to show the world that you are one among many!

Is it fame that you long for? Being a movie star or a singer. A glamorous lifestyle everyone long for, you can have it all.

Is it money, that you desire? Get into a business and start earning, no one would stop you from doing so. You can even sleep along with your cash and cards if you so desire. The world will be yours for the buying.

OR, is it happiness we all long for? Is it not that we all search for in all these...these things of desires? I have once read of a story about a woodcutter who cut wood half the day and sleeps the rest of the day. So one day a teacher was walking by the woods when he saw the wood cutter lying peacefully asleep on a hill top.

The teacher, feeling very righteous about his life, woke him up and asked him a question.

" What are you doing my friend?"

"I am enjoying my life! Why?

"Don't you know that if you work for the whole day rather than half of the time, you can earn more money?"

"What would i do with more money?"

"Well, we can start by getting yourself better axes and saws"

"What would i need those for?"

"Well.... you can cut more trees in less time and earn more money"

"What would i do with more money?"

"Lots of things!! You can start by hiring lots of people to cut trees"

"What would cutting more trees do to me?"

"Well my friend, you can earn more money with it and enjoy your life!"

"Well sir, thank you so much for the chat, but i already told you that i was enjoying my life... until you came" .... and the wood cutter went back to his peaceful nap....

What is happiness? You decide...