Mail Scam / US$800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)

Recently i got a mail that gave me a lot of thoughts about money and consequently life. It all started one night when i receive a mail from a lottery. I was the winner of a $8000000 US Dollars !!! Besides all the doubts and hesitations of believing something on the net, you can't help but cherish that moment of winning the unbelievable.

Here are a few sequence of what i went through.
First, when you receive a mail like this your first thought is that its a fake, straightaway.
Point to be noted - First thoughts are always better than second thoughts!

Then you began to wonder, what if this was true. Then came the phase where you start looking for something to believe, something to justify yourself among friends, family and colleagues. You tell yourself that if there weren't any spelling mistakes on the mail, then you could use it as prove to sue them. Meanwhile you know that this people do not even have a website, how are you gonna find out where they are? Let alone sue them!!!
Point to be noted- First thoughts are still better.

After a while you start to look at the future in your imaginary lenses with your imaginary monies in your empty pocket. $8000000 is a lot of money. Lets see, 40 Indian Rupees are about the same to a dollar. So thats about a whopping Rs. 320000000 ONLY!!! So what would a humble guy like myself do with all that money. Well first the ever undying desire for a powerful Bike do come into the picture; a YZF-R6 would be pretty smooth or maybe one of the Mustangs would turn quite a few heads. Maybe a few things here and there after that, get myself into a business of my own. Try to make the big into BIGGER!!

Now, like everyone else would, i spend a lot of my time thinking how to spend my 'monies'. Then i realize at the end of it all. If i turned out to be a great man, Cure AIDS, Feed the Hungry, write lots of books, started a better google, or even sing; people are gonna know that i started with a lot of money.

Greatness comes with a price. If you get there with something like a lot of money, what you reached will not be that great compared with what you started. Now i don't think i want this money anymore. :-)

There is that person who wants to make it big in the bad ol'world without a lot of money to lean on to. That man has nothing to lean on to except for a the All Mighty Himself. So lucky is he that do not receive an unexpected lottery money, for he has something better to hold on to.
Point to be noted - First or second thouhts, just choose the best!!!

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