Mizo Idol Results

Lalhmingliana hi Zai thiam ka ti ang renga, 3na ni ta deih a, thiam ka la ti zel tho a. Hehe
Hetiang hi Result chu a ni e.

Mizo Idol 2007 - Lallawmpuia Fanai

2nd Place: C Lalthlengliana

Mizo Idol hi Zonet in a buatsaih a ni a. Hun rei fe atanga neihchhoh a niin vawiin ni 11 Khuangchawi thla hian an zo fel ta a ni. Entute kan hlim tlang hle.


zoink said...


i should just listen :-)

zoink said...

he's got a very high voice.

kinda nice. :-)

apatea said...

@zoink, sorry to have posted this in Mizo. There was a Mizo Idol contest recently and the guys seem to be very good. The video is the guy who took the third place as u might have guessed.

I was cheering for this guy, He's such a young guy with an awesome voice... Guessed he isnt good enough :-(

Awzzman said...

kan en ve hma in result an puang daih chu le...an thiam hmel eeeeeeeeeee