Trip To Bangalore / Bangaluru

My trip to Bangalore was quite interesting. I'd be wrong if I say I didn't enjoy myself. The city was both vibrant and peaceful at the same time as always. I love Bangalore, because of a lot reasons. Let me mention one incident I came across here; a bus conductor tried to make fun of me in English!! (atleast a welcome change from the unknown Hindi & Ching-chong-ching murmurs).

Here's how it goes-
Myself: Bose, Ejipura?
Conductor: Bose, we go to Nilasandra. Vy, you are still young naw? You can walk from there naw?

I also have to mention the FM radios. No, i haven't had any idea about other metros; but comparing with Hyderabad's radios, Bangalore's Mirchi is bigger-better and more spicy :-D

Met lot of my old and new friends. Pecos's still the same sweet place it was back in the old days. I do miss this place.

Now, why am I choosing to move to Hyderabad when I feel Bangalore is a good place to be?
First thing, Everything comes with a cost. Living expenditure is high in Bangalore. You loose a rupee everytime you step out of your house (Not really) hehe.
Second, Bangalore have been a kind of a comfort Zone for me after spending a few years here. I need to move out that comfie space before I grow weak :-) Does that really happen to people? ( i don't really know)
Third, I dont have this last reason before I come here, but now I've seem to come up with one. My shack here in Hyderabad isn't that all too bad, and dont really want to move out of this cozy li'l place :-)

Everything happens with a reason. I know I'm here with a reason. Now I'm only waiting for a thick book of manuals to come down from above that will tell me what I am doing here and how to do what I'm supposed to be doing. :-D


bungling bunny said...

I think you are hiding something

- a woman :-)

c'mon tell, tell - don't be shy.

well, as long as ur satisfied, it's cool.

Bangalore is quite 'tiring' :-)
when were you here anyway?

sawmpuia said...

ilo haw leh thei chu kan lom hle a ni :-)

apatea said...

@bungling bunny, i wish that was true. Belief me i do :-D

Really wanted to see you & the concert while i was there but missd it :-( sorry

bungling bunny said...

is cool men

no problem

Almost Unreal said...

you are still young naw? You can walk from there naw?

illusionaire said...

Hehe it must have brought back a lot of memories for you :) Inkhawm hman em?

I too am planning to visit good ol Bangy one of these days...

sawmpuia said...
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apatea said...

It does, specially MSA, they had a function while i was there... Banglr is such a coll place. I dont know why i moved - crazy that i am always