Wedding bells are ringing in the chapel !!

Recently i was in a hospital bed for a day because of being too handsome (kidding- dont take my words on that) :-D

I was bored to death lying there, so started calling every number i have.

After speaking to a few people i came to know about my ex-girlfriend getting married.

Man! It wasn't the sweetest news i heard all week. Its not like i have or still love her, but something do strike you when things such as this come your way.

Let me let you in on a few details. I have chosen a life where i need to be away from Mizoram (home place) most of the time. And i hate having a long distance relationship. Its not so hard to break up with someone if you really try.

She was sweet, innocent, simple and submissive. The girl next door who everyone wants to marry. And yes, she was just next door literally. I can go there anytime of the day and watch her go about her chores in the house. And she was good with everything and which, is definitely a good thing.

Life was good, until this dumb-a$$ decided to look for greener pastures.

Now i'm standing here, thinking how stupid could one get. Its true 'you never know what you got till its gone.' So kids - Cherish what you have, cherish the love and cherish LIFE. 'Cause you cannot be sure what tomorrow might bring.


Awzzman said...

Bull shit!!! so sad!! with your advice i would definetely cherish evry single of my life..!! as sung by CCR "someday never comes"

"one day at atime sweet jesus thats all i`m asking from you,..yesterdays gone... and tomorow may never be mine....teach me today show me the way oneday at a time...."

hei hi maw an sawi damlai thlanthim lotih vawng2 kha maw!!

apatea said...

@awzzie thnx for sympathising...

im just letting go of one mistake and trying to move on. :-)

Status check:
Health - 99%,
Emotional stability - 94%


Calliopia said...

Awwww rawmawl tel lo a helai ka lo thlen phei ringot chu.. han contri ve deuh ngheng tur ania hehe.

Seriously hey, cest la vie, cest la vie. Where would we all be without regrets! You win some, you lose some. And you know what they say about God closing one window and opening another. Somewhere down the line, there's a lovelier, sweeter, simpler, equally innocent and submissive all round girl waiting for you to find her. So please don't waste too much time looking back and saying what if. Listen to Helen Keller who wisely said,
"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

apatea said...

Thats so nice calliopia.

And hey i am definitely lookin forward.

I love this line - Somewhere down the line, there's a lovelier, sweeter, simpler, equally innocent and submissive all round girl waiting for you to find her. :-D

nu-sense said...

a wise man once said

"I don't know"

and that was all.

apatea said...

@nu-sense, That was really wise. :-D

But pls find out what 'nu' really means in MIZO...

illusionaire said...

ahemz... damlai lusun .... :-) blog comment ah hian siki in ka rawn ral a che, my friend.

Shit happens. A ho lutuk. Its only human to feel such pain, but it takes a superhuman to bear that pain and continue with life's journey. And knowing you pretty well, I am sure you're the superhuman, so let bygones be bygones and you will definitely find your own wedding bells in that greener pasteur one day.

apatea said...

Wow sandie, thanks so much.

But Superhuman? now u are making things look really hard :-D

nu-sense said...

indulge me
what does it mean?

Jerusha said...

for being too handsome LOL! Tizawng hian ngaihtuah ta la, lo innei ta ula, tun ah hian khawilai kil khawr ah emaw, fa hnap leh ek thian in tun ah hian I buai I buai mai thei sin, 'the love' kha feel tur vak kha awm tawh si lo nga :P Thil ni thei ro ro.

apatea said...

@nu-sense, im just kidding. its not a big deal.

@Jerusha,thnx. I am fine now. I have moved on :) thnx to evrybody for their support