I am done!

A friend of mine forwarded an article which was sent for publication in a local daily. Glancing through the paragraphs I found that the article is mainly about how the writer feels about the leaders we have and how bad they are at what they do. He was good.

He was a very good complainer. I guess its an ‘IN’ thing to be good at criticizing, whining and yammering for the modern MIZO writer.

Well here I am making a brawl over how other people yelp about their statesmen. Well it’s for a good reason, I must say (at least I need to justify myself for saying what I said), the simple reason being that “I am done!”

I used to cavil & complain a lot about how our leaders are running our government, especially in MIZORAM. But now it dawned on me that complaining would only make me angrier about the fact I am not happy with. I’d rather put myself in their shoes and think of what I can do better. I’d rather try my best to get into their ‘Toilet’ seats just to prove myself that I am better.

Should I really do that now? Let me think.

Why do I need to prove myself that I am better? …. Ummm…. Lets see...

I am better than them anyhow. So I am done with all the complaining stuffs.hehe



illusionaire said...

hehehe... Good post. Yeah I know too many people who only complain and complain and complain but do nothing to correct the system. Good for you that you are done! :-)

benjaminrtz@gmail.com said...

Change yourself to Change your country an tih kha

Awzzman said...

it is true..u r better than `em...!! ka man ve trep..lolz.