If you choose to drink

Alcohol is one of the few intoxications that are legally found in our world (world! Not aizawl haha). Strange though, when we know and see that alcohol disturbs normal human life than any other substances, that we still choose to make it legally and socially acceptable.

Anyway, if you are a binge drinker or the kind who unleashed those unknown monster from inside whenever you take a sip, its always better to prevent yourself from a lot of embarrassing situations. Here are a few precautions, If You Chose to drink-

1. Limits: Know and have limits and stick to them. Its always better to enjoy yourself with a few drinks than drowning yourself in red wine and struggling to come to dry land till morning. Its always good to stick to a certain number and not go beyond that (Even if the beer’s FREE!!)

2. Companions: Avoid drinking with strangers. Its more advisable to have close friends as companions. So when you suddenly decides to sleep, your friends will take pity on you and helps you sleep on the bed, instead of the Road. Remember when you don’t REMEMBER what you did that night?

3. The Aftermath: Plan out what you would be doing after the big showdown. If you are drinking at a friends’ place, its always advisable to spent the night there ( get consent from owner first before taking a sip). If you are driving home after the party take LESSER or get a driver! You don’t want to be crippled just because of a few extra peg. Girls, it doesn’t make sense relying on the driver, if the driver is an auto driver!! Its always advisable to hit the sack straight away after a party.

4. Friends: Don’t make new friends from a bar or a drinking party. Because your friendship could lead you more frequently to the first point of contact, a drinking place. If all you have in common is the liquid, then your future predictions says that there are a lot of flowing wine and soberty is a thing of the past.

5. Know what you drink: Try to drink the same kind of liquor on one session of a drinking party. If you jump from beer to rum, whiskey and whatever’s available all in one night, you’re bound to be embarrassed the morning after. If you drink homemade stuffs, be careful enough to ask how they make it (try to be more of a curious kind than skeptical when asking), if you don’t trust them Don’t drink more than a sip. You don’t want to be jogging from the bed to the toilet the next day.

6. Know this: If you go wild after a few rounds, Know that it shows you are very inexperienced and you never had enough to drink. Reading between the lines- You’re a L.O.S.E.R. If your friend is treating you to a night out and you seem to have an endless pit for the Lall Pani, you’re as sick as the above case. If you don’t know how to enjoy your own dose peacefully, stop drinking and get a life.


Calliopia said...

All great points I'm sure but since I'm a teetotaller I wouldn't know :D

aduhi said...

such profound wisdom. would i be wrong in assuming you write all this from experience?? :P