We are all Indians

We are all Indians?
Arre Yaar! Are your sure?

Just the other day, i was with my friend buying somethings from the store, when a man walked up to us... Cleared his throat and came out with the most fake accent i have ever heard "excuse me, which country?"
At that point i would love to give my friend the credit of being patient enough to explain the details of 'his' country to a man who thinks he knows more just because he speaks Hindi. Being more similar to the Chinese side of descent, me and my friends get a lot of hu-has from my fellow Indians.
Its a shame for the country when the people doesn't recognize their own fellow citizens. Just because your brother wears different clothes does not imply he is no more your brother. We should recognize the fact that there are so many things different in each one of us, that makes us all very human. If one day we all look and feel the same way, then that is the day we come out of a production line.
We should all learn to respect each other. By saying this, i have definitely tried my part. I have tried (alot) to get along with people who dress properly but have DIRTY Feet. Believe me, i have tried.


sawmpuia said...

We believe in unity diversity :-) the variants cultures made the so called "Indian" Apatea should get award for integrity if there's any award for this hehe

Me!!! said...

somehow im feeling a tinge of sarcasm in those words lol

hruaia said...

I see the same questions asked over and over again.In fact,i also raised the same issue in two of my articles (zawlbuk and zoram.com- both in english). It's a very serious issue for ll of us.

Mizoram kilkhawr zet chhunga Indian mi diktak, India hmun lairil a, "half Indian"
kan ni ber mai.This article is a good read, it just sparked a question.

azassk said...

Saheb, Samua & Josef,hope jindagi thik chalta hain:-)

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog a lot. You made me lol about the well-dressed but dirty feet..:)))