Why I hate Journalist who do a bad job / The dirt war on religion

"In a scathing attack on Christians, Swami Kripalanandji of Giri Parampara in Tripura alleged thatmissionaries were behind extremist activities in the Northeast states and that there were 19 outfits conducting activities in the region, mainly targeting Hindus. ``Those who refuse to convert are tortured or killed,'' he alleged. ``In the past few years, more than 18 Vaishnav ashrams run by Hindus in Tripura have been demolished by the Christians, while those who dominate the upper classes, force people to adopt Christianity,'' he asserted.

The saint also denied any Government support and said that the Communist Government in Tripura offered no help to them. And while it was impossible for Hindus to live in Kohima, laborers in the tea gardens there have to follow the diktat of the missionaries. Apart from that, in Mizoram, where the Christians are the majority, 35,000 were ostracized from their caste for not adopting Christianity."

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. And this is why I hate reporters who do a bad job. Well mr.journalist-man let me point something to you:

  • First thing is, there aren't that many Hindus among the Mizos to be "ostracized".
  • Secondly, the few devotees who are in Mizoram (mostly people who come from outside the state) live in harmony with the local people. One great example is, there is a Big Hindu temple next to a Christian minister (Member of Legislature) and here every important Hindu festivals are conducted.
I have seen in many instances that people throw dirt at the North-Eastern states of the country just because they don't know whats in there. If I were asked to comment on this report, I would definitely say this reporter is either very lazy OR he is pro-hinduism!!

Why do we have to fight with dirt. Lets take pillows instead!!!

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Anonymous said...

As everyone knows, there are some insurgency groups in the North-Eastern area, but their main existence is political not religious. If this reporter come to these area, she can easily find out what are the demands of these groups. Many christian people play an important role for the settlement of disputes between the Govt. and these groups. This is a wrong report as I am normal resident in this area.We strongly opposed this report.