Land of diversity/Land of partiality

Gawd! I'm late again...

My thoughts were all but focused on the time until the next scene changed to something unexpected.

Three shabby guys were on a moped zigzag-ing through the traffic and the next moment every vehicle seem to stop. All i see was two cops running after something. Took a closer look and saw the cops beating the poor fellows on the moped.

I couldnt help but laugh at that moment. Bad luck!!

But have you ever felt something odd when you really felt funny but no one around you were laughing. Thats how stupid i felt when i look around and saw no one was laughing.

I dont know why i feel i'm the odd one out that moment? Lets see, these guys were pretty beaten up by the cops. The main offence i could see from the backseat of an auto was that three guys were travellin on a two wheeler and that too without a single helmet. Tough luck. Its still funny. Hyderabadis have no sense of humor!!!

Two minutes later on that same road Ms Zinta (name assumed) and her two friends (!!) zoomed pass us on their new much-ly celebrated SCOOTY. These ladies are good enough not to let the poor policeman run around in the hot sun, so they let them sit quietly in their roadside tent.

India the land of diversity, the land of new opportunities have many a setback regarding how we treat and live with our differences. Today's event shows only a part of it. We seem to be in a disjoint society of haves and have-nots. Specially here, fame & money can get you anything and anywhere.

During my college days, my hostel closes all gates at 9, either you have to be inside or out. But after a while we learnt that there are always exceptions to the rule as long as you know how to swear and disdain the poor security guards manning the gates. I still feel funny that we were actually trying to beg the security to let us in, when we can simply call him names and get in and out without any problem. Well what can i say, this is India. And yes, Preity Zinta's picture has nothing to do with this write up.


fire fly said...

So Ms Zinta and her friends got away?

Awzzman said...

heheh apatea this is India...!vai ho tak hi chu aw...:-)

apatea said...

@firefly, yes they got away. Wouldnt even dream of the cops slapping them on their faces, like they did to those poor fellows. :-D

@awzzman, i know... the word India itself seem to bring in these qualities sometimes :-(